Rethinking Dieta Mediterranea in the Anthropocene Hackaton 5-7 December 2021

The SocietingLab with the Federico II University of Naples, the Diarch Department of Architecture, the Department of Social Sciences and the Aurora international network, organizes the Hackaton dedicated to the Mediterranean Diet in the Anthropocene from 5 to 7 December 2021, edited by Adam Arvidsson, Alex Giordano, Ramon Rispoli.

A Hackaton on the Mediterranean Diet: why? 

Anthropogenic climate change, species extinction and other environmental factors linked to the condition of the Anthropocene will radically alter the conditions for food production and consumption in the coming decades. Indeed, the effects of these developments are already visible as farmers all over the world are faced with rising insecurity and unpredictability that derive from new weather, temperature and humidity patterns.

At the same time, the food economy is changing: there is a new inflow of highly skilled, university educated neorurals who bring with them novel conceptions of entrepreneurship and management; digital technologies- from drones and precision agriculture, via blockchains, down to ‘simple’ e-commerce sites- empower food production and distribution in new ways; and there is a re-discovery of ‘traditional’ foods and production techniques along with a novel appreciation of forgotten tastes and aesthetics.

What is the goal of Hackaton?

In this two-day hackaton we invite you to co-create conceptual solutions to rethink the Mediterranean food economy, starting from the concept of the Mediterranean diet.

How to empower alternative forms of production and consumption that are both productive and resilient? How will the Mediterranean diet itself change (through, for example the introduction of formerly ‘tropical’ produce, like Mangoes and avacados, that now grow in Southern Italy)? How to guarantee worker rights and ensure proper remuneration in a rural economy marked by a powerful role of informal economic networks as well as persisting structural racism?

Timing and organization

The hackaton will take place from 5 to 7 December 2021 at the Federico II University of Naples, the technological center of San Giovanni a Teduccio.

The participants will work intensively to address a number of design challenges.

The design challenges, along with a small package of courses will be made available two weeks before the event. Participants are encouraged to organize themselves into groups (3-4 people each), familiarize themselves with the material and begin  thinking about preliminary solutions before arriving in Naples.

It is desirable that the groups consist of people with different skills (Social Sciences, Social Innovation, Business Management & Administration, Design, Architecture, Engineering, Agriculture, Communication).

Each group will be supported by a tutor in the digital pre-event phase.

The result will be a poster to be exhibited in the final exhibition.


Sunday 5

pre-event – aperitif time

Monday 6

9:00 Introduction, presentation of the design challenge

12:00 Start of the hackaton

Tuesday 7

15:00.The poster exhibition opens

17:00 Final panel

18:00 Final aperitif time


How to participate?

There is room for 30 participants, including 10 Aurora students. To participate, please send an email with a short one-page CV to before Thesday 30 November 2021.

The selected candidates will receive an confirmation and links to online lessons and course materials along with practical details. Travel and accommodation costs are borne by the participants.


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