The Hackathon dedicated to the Mediterranean Diet in the Anthropocene launched by SocietingLab – in collaboration with The University of Naples Federico II, the Diarch Department of Architecture, the Department of Social Sciences, and Aurora International Network under the scientific direction of Adam Arvidsson, Alex Giordano, Ramon Rispoli –  is about to start!

We have received requests for participation from Aurora University Network students. The selections were very tough. We have selected the best to form multi-disciplinary teams!

From 5 to 7 December 2021 at The Spark Creative Hub in Naples. Thirty participants from Italy, Turkey, England, Denmark, Spain, Iran, Albania, India will collaborate to design a systemic design concept for the Mediterranean Diet in the Anthropocene.

For the kick-off on Sunday, 5 December,  the participants will go on an ethnographic tour around the historical center of Naples and the surrounding neighborhood, led by Federica La Battaglia from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Naples Federico II.

The Hackathon starts on Monday, 6 November, with the presentation of the design challenge: How might we offer a feasible systemic design proposal using sense-making strategies & leveraging 4.0 technologies to connect producers  ( from rural Southern Italy)  to the market (in the urban area)?

The Hackathon ends on Tuesday, 7 November, with the presentation of their works and final aperitif!

We will share the final result with our network of entrepreneurs from the PidMed project supported by Ateneo and CCIA di Salerno. 

Stay tuned!


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